Meat Processing

Our expertise in the meat processing industry includes the following:
  • Process cooling
  • Hot water systems for sterilization
  • Medium and low pressure hot water hygiene systems
  • Hot water heat recovery from refrigeration systems or Pig Singeing plant
  • Steam and condensate services
  • Nitrate free waters services
  • Compressed air
  • Factory and process ventilation
  • Effluent treatment
  • Natural gas

Design and Installations of HVAC Systems for the Meat Processing Industry

Our design and installation expertise within the meat processing industry are extensive and diverse, ranging from abattoirs to cooked and sliced meat processing facilities. Over the years we have established an enviable client list that we work with on an ongoing and repeat basis.

Traditional service solutions are often inefficient and sometimes fall below current legislation, especially with respect to hot water circulating temperatures which are frequently too low. Environmental Engineering’s innovative approach to the unique challenges of the industry provides our clients with a cost-effective and reliable alternative to conventional solutions. Our projects, whether it’s services for a ‘Sous Vide’ system, smoker roaster or supplies to a new butchery line, all use the latest technology to ensure that our clients’ expectations are not just met but exceeded every time.

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