Whether your commercial premise is a large-scale food factory or a small sandwich shop, Environmental Engineering's maintenance team would like to help with your maintenance challenge.

At Environmental Engineering, our commitment to customer service continues beyond the conclusion of our projects. Responsibility to our client is maintained after the installation is successfully up and running. To this end our maintenance department provides continuing support to clients in the form of annual service contracts, one-off maintenance works and emergency call outs.

All mechanical plant and equipment must be properly maintained in order to prolong its useful life and ensure it remains efficient. By providing a service contract that is tailored to the needs of each site, we help to ensure that our clients optimise their plant effectiveness; helping to reduce operating costs, energy usage and CO2 emissions.

We operate in time critical industries where an equipment fault can halt production and have costly consequences. In order to minimise plant downtime, our maintenance department offers a call out service to ensure that problems are quickly diagnosed and solutions found.

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