princes soft drinks
Case Study Soft Drinks Manufacturer
client Soft Drinks Manufacturer
challenge Reduce pasteurizer operating costs
solution Free cooling
benefit 11 month payback and on-going savings
challenge The soft drinks manufacturer operated a cooling system supplying pasteurizers as part of their process. The system had been extended over many years and operated with R22 refrigerant, but was scheduled to be phased out under environmental legislation. Our challenge was to replace the cooling system and also reduce operating costs.
solution The cooling system was replaced with new equipment using a compliant refrigerant and interfaced with a dry cooler to deliver improved efficiencies and energy savings. A replacement plant with energy-saving features and fast payback was provided. To benefit from using ambient air to provide ‘free cooling’ of the water without operating the chiller, dry coolers were introduced to provide 800kW free cooling at outside air temperatures below 8.5oC.
benefit An estimate of operational load with the prevailing weather in the location indicated the dry cooler might be operating in place of the chiller for 2000 hours per year. Assistance with partial process load would be possible for a further 2500 hours per year. The system was commissioned at the end of the summer. As the ambient reduced, the dry cooler was clearly more than adequate to replace the cooler for the majority of the production demands. This benefited in a vast reduction in energy by operation of the dry cooler fans at 20kW in place of the 800kW chiller.