Kettleby Foods
Case Study Chilled Ready Meal Producer
client Chilled Ready Meal Producer
challenge Cook house condensation and odour abatement
solution Capturing odours at source by direct extraction and Ultra-Violet treatment
benefit Elimination of condensation and odours
challenge The initial challenge was the high extract ventilation rate required by the conventional overhead canopy to contain the cooking process and the potential size and cost of an odour control plant to handle the volume. The second issue was based around the condensation elimination which required upgrading the ventilation and a replacement canopy without horizontal surfaces. The final challenge was to implement with the cook house in operation.
solution An initial assessment of the odour plant required to deal with the total extraction rate from the cook house resulted in the requirement of an impractical and costly plant. Our solution was to ventilate the cook pans directly to capture the odour at source, this resulted in a vastly reduced air volume dramatically reducing the size and cost of the odour control plant. The plant selected was an Ultra-Violet treatment unit with final activated carbon filter. The stainless steel duct conveying the odour-laden air from the cook pans incorporates a fully automated CIP system.
benefit Condensation has been completely eliminated from the cook house and external odours significantly reduced to within the constraints of the Environment Agency.