Greenvale Foods Ltd
Case Study Potato Processor
client Potato Processor
challenge Odour control
solution Scrubber system
benefit Elimination of product carry over
challenge Our client manufactures potato flakes for the food and snack industries. The process converts potato into dehydrated flakes which when reconstituted with water become the main component for extruded snacks, fabricated potato chips and meal toppings etc. As part of the process significant quantities of hot, wet and starch laden air is extracted to outside from each dryer.

Our challenge was to design and install a system which would clean the highly corrosive exhaust from each dryer and remove potato flakes carried over from the process prior to its discharge into the atmosphere.

The proximity of adjacent properties necessitated an in-depth noise survey that we undertook to determine current conditions and establish acoustic design criteria.

After careful appraisal we proposed a wet type fixed throat venture scrubbing system to handle exhaust from each dryer.

The system would remove all particulate and being manufactured entirely from stainless steel would be resistant to the corrosive airstreams.
solution The new system was designed to handle almost 20m³/s of exhaust and was fabricated entirely from 304 grade fully welded stainless steel. Product carried over from each dryer is removed from the air stream and collected within a holding tank below the scrubber. Water from the tank is periodically drained and its contents used for animal feed.
benefit The system has proved an efficient and effective solution for a process which previously discharged exhaust directly into the atmosphere which had resulted in significant deposits of potato and starch matter upon many exposed surfaces around the factory.

Product carryover has now been eliminated as a direct result of the new installation, which was installed during a 2 week factory shutdown.