Condiment Manufacturer
Case Study Sauce Manufacturer
client Sauce Manufacturer
challenge The reduction of effluent discharge and associated costs
solution Bespoke process train utilising electrocoagulation technology
benefit No chemicals used (other than pH correction), 80% reduction in COD, 90% reduction in suspended solids. A 29% reduction in effluent bills and a saleable sludge.
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Eradicate need for chemical dosing and associated costs
  • Improve site’s environmental impact
  • Minimal footprint
  • Minimal operator requirement
  • solution
  • Bespoke process train designed for 25m3 per hour
  • 200m³ above ground balancing tank
  • pH control
  • A gross solids screen for preliminary treatment
  • Electrocoagulation DAF core system for FOG removal
  • A clarification unit with sludge handling capacity
  • A physical filtration unit for final polishing
  • The project was delivered in 12 weeks from system order
  • 100% compliance record
  • benefit
    • A 29% reduction in effluent bills compared to a DAF plant
    • No chemicals used in process (other than pH correction)
    • A 78% reduction compared to no effluent treatment
    • A payback of under 18 months
    • Protected the site from any chance of incurring extra costs from their water supplier
    • Site now runs within its set consent limits, meeting and over-achieving its environmental targets